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Has the crisis in the property market ended? Let us explain to you in the following Marbella market report. Current figures show a positive incline with an increase of 2.2% in property sales for the last quarter of 2014. What´s even more astounding according to the Ministry of Public Works is that the sales volume has increased by 28% in 2014, which is a 77% jump compared to sales in 2011. Due to this steady show of improvement and the demand for residential property, sales volumes are increases each year since 2012.

Marbella market report


Marbella has fortunately been sheltered from the factors affecting much of Spain and Europe whereas most of the buyers of Marbella property have come from outside of Spain and mostly from the European countries where their economies are much stronger. Although there has been an increase in sales there still hasn't been an increase in prices yet, resulting in the sell prices  being down 15-25% below market rate which means that if you are a buyer then there are some reasonable priced offers still within the market place.

So what are the reasons for this growth?



Who could resist the location? Marbella is renowned for being a popular holiday destination and was recently voted as one of the safest places in the world. Marbella is one of the most lucrative places in the world at the moment when it comes to buying property. Attributed to this is the further evidence that Spain as a whole is experiencing an economic turnaround with increases of 1.4% of growth in 2014, unemployment dropping, business start-ups increasing, tax revenue is growing and government promises of tax cuts help as further incentives for the growth of this beautiful area.

Marbella market report 2015 Marbella market report 2015

Want to learn more about the new building licences granted? or even how the mortgage rates are effecting the current market?

Marbella market report 2015 Marbella market report 2015

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