New amendments made to the Spanish Golden Visa program

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

golden-visa1 Since Spain has introduced the Spanish Golden Visa program back in September 2013 it hasn't seen the success it anticipated, however new amendments to the law are hoping to change that.

The new improvements are as follows:

  • Residency permit now also includes right to work in Spain.
  • Common law partners plus grown up economically dependent children and economically dependent parents now covered.
  • The act also includes your children over 18 years old who, due to health issues, are not objectively capable of looking after themselves.
  • Six month visa available on the strength of a deposit contract (arras) and funds in Spanish bank account.
  • No need to visit Spain to renew the visa, and only have to renew every five years, as opposed to every two years.
  • Residency permit can be requested from Spain, rather than having to get an investor visa from abroad first.
  • Investors not forced to leave Spain during process or requesting or renewing.

If you wold like to read more about the requirements for the Spanish Golden Visa program then please see our Golden Visa guide here